ES Thursday 5-8-14

Looks pretty bare in here, but I need to ask just in case someone is reading... Did anyone experience about a 40 second gap in time on their charts today at 6:39 to 6:40? During that period. I got about a point and a half jump. I'm on the west coast and have wondered about these sort of problems.

Showing 1minute chart but also show up on all 5...15... 30min as well as 1 and 4hr charts. just curious if anyone else experienced this on east and west coast.

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Hey Tradequeen. Not showing any data gap on any time frame with my charts for ES June Contract. Referencing my Thinkorswim charts.
ah... should have been more clear on the es chart. sorry bout that, but thanks for the reply.. No big deal, but I just wondered why that happened to me. It's the second time it seems my data is getting delayed and/or jumping. It's doesn't seem to be hurting me in anyway... yet... but I am concerned what is causing it. Again, thanks for your reply.