The End?

I started this journey back in 2009. I've experienced many ups and down. I've learned a great deal about myself, about the nature of uncertainty and how that applies to everyday life, and by some miraculous twist of fate, it has also led me to the love of my life.

It is time for me to move on.

I blew up once, when I first started. Boy was I a fool. It's funny to look back and laugh but I still remember the paralysing anxiety I felt as my account crashed that day. I was, and still am, young so I bounced back. Some good fortune and better trading kept me in the game until now. I have been slowly but steadily bleeding money since Jan 2013. I am ending things on a positive day.

So for now, I am taking an extended break. I might come back to it one day when I have more money to play with. This is just not my thing though. I treat this like a hobby than a fulltime job and while I may be more disciplined and successful than a lot of people, it's not enough and I need the capital for other ventures now. One thing I noticed is that one of the people I look up to in this trading business, he takes it much more seriously than I do. I just don't have that intrinsic drive to really learn this business with as much depth and effort as I should and I suspect that may be the reason for my failures.

I wish you all well and thanks to all the people who helped and encouraged me over the years.
Sorry to hear that you're leaving trading behind for now feng. It's sounds like a sound and well thought out decision. Good luck with your next venture and it would be interesting to hear from you again when you compare your trading career to the one you do next and contrast the differences.
I can totally relate about looking back and laughing at the foolishness and for me what was agonizing pain.

Congrats on finding the love of your life. I've kept mine for 20 years and counting. My family is the one thing I've done right in my life.

I too ponder about cashing in and focusing on my REAL job. Then the politics at work, dealing with nepotism and their fellow drug addicts day after day only brings me back to my safe little trading terminal on my time off. Your young... I'm not... You still have lots of options and a future.

Although, if you plan to return... Save your quarters. Because you've figured out, as I have, in this game... It takes money to make money. That ain't no cliche. If or when you decide to come back to this... it'll still be here. And you will be much more prepared to jump in. Thank you for your input and questions over the years. And most sincere wishes to you in your future ventures.
NO 9-5 and no mlm. Only us traders see the potential within the market. There is money to be made for all. Its great to see you have the drive and strength to continue in this industry, the rewards will come. Having a support group can really help you get to the next level. I trade binary options with the Green Room Academy where we have live training and trading 5 days of the week and are currently setting up a signal service that will be runnning consistantly.
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