ES 05-21-14

bruce hope your vacation is get back to posting please!!!lol..anybody left around here?

here my numbers::85-87...81.50...77.50...75...68-70...65...62.50

i also used pitbull # and rat #.i look for the numbers to match up to take a trade..
Hi Duck. Thx for the revival effort. I also miss Bruce...learned a lot from him. Sorry I found your post late. Come back tomorrow and I'll post with you. I'm about to quit trading today. I doubt that I'll be very good at posting real time trades. But let's give it a try.

Thx again.
ya i have hard time posting and trading.did u trade today?
myseft had short at 75 took loss at 76.75 trade was pitbull#5.5 at 80.50 exit 1 at 79 exit 1 at i am down 1.75..ok now beat me up for posting after the fact

Well, they can beat me up with you. I went short at 77.5 - stopped out. Short at 80.75, out heavy at 78.75. Short at 82.25, took some off at 78.5 and had runners stopped out. Felt lucky to make a little in a tough day.
i think you made error in your numbers..example 82.25 short never came back to the 78.50..
You are right. I have been trying to journal in real time and fouled it up. I took some off after a 2 pt gain...should have said 80.5. I guess that is why I say I may not be able to post and trade at the same time. Thanks for the catch.
cu tomorrow ackwired and anybody else..