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Stop Loss hit on NBC's Book of Daniel

The Book of Daniel has closed after only four episodes, as NBC has decided to pre-empt the controversial show.

[1] The American Family Association, a conservative group, had been conducting a campaign against the show, saying it misrepresents Christians.

[2] But NBC said the show was being pre-empted because of poor ratings, rather than the controversy. It drew 7.2 million viewers in the four weeks it aired.

Here's what I think. NBC said to themselves: "Once we receive 678,000 angry emails then we pull the show." That was NBC's stop loss; 678,000 angry emails from Christians.

Now I'm not debating the merits of the show - just like we don't debate the merits of our trades. If we're in a trade and it just must go up then we don't dilly dally when the market drops - we get out at the stop loss. The market is always right. In The Book of Daniel the market (audience/public) was right. They were going to hurt NBC's bottom line. NBC took the financially prudent option and stopped out the show. You should do the same with trades that don't go your way. Just like NBC you'll stay in business for many years - despite what you may believe about what is right or wrong.
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