ES Wednesday 6-18-14 (Fed Day)

Don't forget that today is an FOMC Fed Day.

A bank of charts from previous Fed Days.

5 minute chart from last Fed Day on 30/April/2014:
I only have one thing on my mind and that is the retest of 1932....then I'm off for a few days with the wife and kids......lots of time going back and forth through the weekly pivot so far...I guess the announcement is holding everyone back that is a longer term player..good luck to all
last time you went on vacation you were gone for 3-4 months :)

hopefully this one will be a shorter vacation; anyway, enjoy it and thanks for all you do
enjoy the time off bruce
thanks apk...this is a short one....I hope somebody keeps the threads alive for the next two days at was only sells today but we still have cleaned up that 32 which is an EXACT number...gonna be here for onlt the next 30 minutes but being stick inside the IB is no place to trade
there your 32 test just before 90min of trading nice call
thanks....water parks and amusements.....right on schedule too...thanks Mr Market......hope all play well and stay away from the market till 2:15 EST....just my opinion...Rock on !!