ES Thursday 8-21-2014

Yesterday's trading took out the all time high.
So what's next? Is 2000 the magnet this week?

For those who attended Dalton's webinar yesterday: will price look above and accelerate leading to an upside breakout?
will short 90.50 stop 3 reason pitbull 5.5
cancel order cause 10 min chart show a reversal bar..i beleive it goes above will go to rat # 93.75
just got back from the dentist...yuk !! so a late start today...wilh so many higher highs this market will be soon expecting the high to low day ...meaning that the high will be put in first before the low....( instead of recent days putting in the low first and then the highs) I am expecting sellers to show up outside of the IB highs to drive us back to at least 86.50 later on and lower...first clue for me will be a 30 minute close back inside the IB range......
well my read of the market was 93.75
keys for me are 86.50 , 82.50 and then the big volume that collected at 78.50......I couldn't be long in a market that seems manipulated higher
selling into 90.75 print....very small as this may be a long hold and higher risk.....that ledge at 87.50 just above the key 86.50 is too attractive to me...but will target 88.50 bigger plan is to expect 93-94 to print possibly and will add there.....that is a point where measured move players may cover longs....keeping overall campaign real tiny......way out of my time to trade I realize this is almost like gambling up here
we've just had 5, 10 minute bars with the same high....just plain ugly and volume confirms also confirms how it is just gambling in here now...I'm bailing on this probably sooner than later and donot trust this mini sell off right now....I'm taking something off at .75 points of profit per contract and this was small...I can't do battle in these conditions