Where To Go From Here???

Hey everyone. I'm going to be real honest, I have been paper trading the ES for a while now and I have gotten a feel for it. It kills me to watch these trades go by without me depositing the winnings into an account somewhere. That's where I am now, trying to open up an account. That's why I'm here. To ask if anyone here knows of any contests or anything like that where the best trader gets to trade a funded account or get a cash prize of some sort? The predicament I'm in makes it hard for me to save. So something like a contest or something is my only option of getting an account open. I know trading with real money is different because the emotions are involved, but I believe I'm ready.

I've heard people on another forum talk about these folks.....not sure of the details

Thanks BruceM. I'm going straight to their website.

Another option might be https://www.collective2.com/ - I hadn't been there for a while and I see that it looks very different now. If you have a profitable trading system then you can issue signals which people then subscribe to and pay for and it tracks your performance. That way you're earning income and validating that you really would be making money. The better your system is the more people that subscribe the more gold coins they throw at you etc...

Good luck - keep us posted on your progress!