ES Tuesday 8-26-14

once again not much to say except we haven't traded back to last weeks RTH highs yet and that doesn't happen often....especially two weeks in a row...last week we missed so I expect to see last weeks high print at some time this week...just don't know I still want to lean short at prices above 95.75 ..the magnet price is there today...we have a small LVN at 97.50 ( va high is there too) and another poor high at 1999.75 with R2 sitting at 2002......If 2002 number fails then we may go up to 2005 and 2009 today... .so my short trades will be from 97.50 but I'd also be trying from 2000- 2002 zone...another LVn sits at 91.25 - 92.50 but we also have a swing high at I'd create a zone of 90 - 92.50 that may be support for that closely as S1 is there too......failure as support in that zone should push us down to 87.50 and lower to 85 - 85.50 ...sure wish we had more to work with but with 7 points of RTH range there is only so much we can capture on a trade.......and all the numbers get so close
well, whether I like it or not I am short off of the 97.50....not sure if they will run out On high first or go get that 95.75 first so this is small..
I'd have to see this above YD rth highs in order to add and start RTH short campaign...otherwise I am just letting this trade choppy as it is 95.75 but current double top on O/N high too they may bring itback up for the shake out
selling 2000 now and 2002 if it prints....97.75 is target now
97.75 is open print and real close to my small On short and YD va coming out heavy here and will try to hold final runners for 95.75.....
there has been no print of the O/N midpoint yet...even if it fails to print today then we know ( crazy but often true) that they should print it runners just got clipped at 98.75 .....I will try once more up here but scale it back......I never like to give too much back when the first trade everything gets smaller on any second or third trades inside the first 90 minutes
I need to see them get above 2000.50 before thinking of short idea again and will probably wait until those 10 a.m reports finish up in 8 minutes..I still expect 95.75 to get hit but may not be able to be on board for it
starting small at 2000.50 on short post 10 am...97.75 is target again then if lucky that 95.75...will add at 2002.50 if it prints
I'm leaving two runners on with a stop now at 2000.25 or a target at 95.75....this is a ZERO on the fun scale for me and I don't want to watch anymore....two good shorts today but so far runners aren't working any magic and so much chop today ............just plain kids start school tomorrow and Thursday so it's time to do something fun to close out summer break......

I don't like how the consolidation is happening above YD VA general that implies higher prices to come if we buy into the fact that value is building higher so far....that concept means more to me once 90 minutes is up...good luck if ya stick around
Thanks for your comments, Bruce. Terrific