Is anyone consistently profitable with the ES?

Not for just a day, week or month but month after month profitability.
Just wanted to hear some feedback from others out here that are successful trading the ES.
I've been trying for years and can't seem to find a method I either resonate with or can become
consistently profitable with. I've done all the psychology stuff with just about every top trading psychologist out there so I'm thinking I'm just not getting something about reading the market or trading in general to where I can be successful with it.
I stuck with one mentor for 5 years and never got consistently successful. I went to another one that was a scalper and discovered I didn't like scalping. I'd rather shoot for 2 -4 point targets than try to scalp for 1/4 or 1/2 a tick.
I went to another mentor that shoots for 1 point targets and the method only seems to work about 1/2 the time when you can get a signal to get on a trade. The majority of the time the market takes off and you're just sitting there watching it go without you. There's got to be a better way! I'd love to hear from anyone who is consistently successful and please share your mentor's info so I can do my due diligence and see if their method is a good fit for me.
Thank you for your help!
Yes there are John and you should visit us in the ES threads that have been going on for years...I certainly will not speak for everyone but I find the ES is the best market to fade in the first 90 minutes....that's the short answer but please stop by and/or review some of the hundreds of days and videos there...sorry to hear of your past challenges
John, the threads that Bruce is talking about are here:
Go see this guy Jim Dalton.
Tell him you were sent by Aladdin.