ES Thursday 10-02-2014

Yesterday's down day created a late spike and an ledge at 1937.75
Market participants kept buying at that 1937.75 level.

My focus is on that 1937.75 ledge.
(And on an open drive of course..)

Numbers above: 1946.50, 1945.75, 1937.75
Number below: 1933.75, 1928.75
Looks like some form of open drive...
Report in 3 min...
So no open drive today.
With value now developing lower, I'm starting to think to short that 1937.75 ledge.
target 1931.25
I got a bit lucky, I have to admit...

That is it for me for today.
There is an official technical market term for the PA up to this point in time today: wow