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I Am the Walrus

"I Am the Walrus" is a 1967 Beatles song, written by John Lennon (though credited to both John Lennon and Paul McCartney). John Lennon began the song while he was having an acid trip. The song was released on their Magical Mystery Tour album, and is noted for being unusual; both lyrically and musically.

The history of the lyrics begins with three different song ideas that Lennon was working on. The first of which was inspired by hearing a police siren while at his home in Weybridge. Lennon wrote the lines "Mis-ter c-ity police-man" to the rhythm of the siren. The second idea was a short rhyme about Lennon sitting in his Weybridge garden. The third idea was a nonsense lyric about sitting on a corn flake. Lennon was unable to finish the ideas as three different songs and instead chose to combine them into one.

When looking for combinations of trading ideas don't discount the putting together of completely different ideas. In fact be careful of watching indicators which give the same result. For example, how many oscillators are you watching on your chart? How many moving averages? Three indicators (like Lennon's 3 different song ideas) are probably enough for a successful trading strategy. However, make sure that those 3 indicators are not just repeating the same information using different time frames and parameters. Make sure that they're looking at the market from very different angles. If they all confirm then you'll probably find that the trade has a higher probability of success. Confluence, cluster, confirmation and convergence. Why do they all start with the letter C?
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