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ES Tuesday 11-25-14

keeping it short today....key zone 71.75 - 72.75 with a 1/2 sd band at 74.....bigger zone up top is in 76 - 78 area......magnet price as I make this is 68.75 - 69.75 but the reality is that we have lots of numbers below...keeping in mind that Yd was a low range inside day to Friday
No video below? Try this link: tuesday.swf

if u didn't take short in the overnight then it might be wise to go in small as we have already tested and are rallying off of the lower zone....that 68.75 - 69.75.....we can try the short again but I'd keep it small initially off the 71.75- 72.75 least that is my plan in RTH now...I'm trying to incorporate the plus 2.5 and plus 4 - 5.5 ala pit bull
taking RTh trade off at 69.75 and holding two runners to see if I can get 67.75....the plus 2.5 came in at 72.75 today...just near On high.....

EDIT : had to clean up this post.....can't post and trade today..Zoinks !!
took one at 67.75 and one at 66 more runners and no more trading
Good trading Bruce. I was a little under the weather today so had to skip out
hope u feel better
Originally posted by NewKid

Good trading Bruce. I was a little under the weather today so had to skip out
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