ES Tuesday 12-2-2014

Good morning to all. Today's bands.

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Three critical areas that are close buy on the downside are 2050 , 2046 - 47 and then 44.......key magnet price for me is 53 today....lots of confluence there...I think standard pivot points will work well and also think yesterday was a fake out as there was no extension outside the IB lows for too I expect upside to go back to last weeks lows sometime today...that is a longer term to initiate away from 53 and use that as a sells above 56 area and buys below near 50 a first attempt but don't fight the longside if we get above YD highs...fades are more dangerous until 63 - 64 prints

here is some video babble......
No video below? Try this link: tuesday.swf

Looks like an open drive...
My target is 2059.00 (O/N high)
Bruce, your standard daily pivots 2053.00 (PP) and 2057,75 (R1) worked nicely.
yeah..I had a feeling they would be good today especially since all of On formed inside YD RTH range...
i was planning on taking a long at 53 but talked myself out of it. had to fight for another small win....
I like these open and drives.
That is it for me for today.

Thanks Bruce, for your video and explanation.

Have a nice day, everyone.