Trading platform

Hi all new to all things trading so I apologise in advance.
I am looking for a trading platform for day trading stocks that enables me to filter price, volume and others things. The platform must have a demo account and for the main account not to be to expensive as I will only be dealing in small amounts.
Ideally I would like it to be user friendly as I have come across a couple that are just too advanced for the beginner.
Thanks in advance
Some of the comments on the platforms in the Trading and Investment Software section of the site might help.
I use Ninja Trader for trading the mini S&P futures contract. I love it. Easy to set up charts. Easy to place orders.
They offer free demos. Not sure how their platform works for stocks.
If you are a lover of forex and have never tried binary options, I recommend that you open an account in one of the brokers that we recommend and that you explore this alternative. We are sure that you will like it equally and that you will be able to obtain very good results with a little training.
Hi everyone,
You can use anyone from top Forex broker. All of them offer good and reliable trading services
Now a very good choice has been provided, you just need to choose the conditions that are right for your business.
Which platform would you recommend for a beginner? And where to start? I am guided by the knowledge from one article, I do not know how relevant they are today