ES 2-17-15

using 88.75 as the magnet today...prefer sells on pushes up near 92 ...but will also watch for weak bounces up off of of 88.75 to get short in RTh for eventual 86.75 retest..that is O/N buys for me as long as 88.75 is untested .......things may be a bit strange today due to the cash being closed YD but ES opened for a shortened players may still expect the strength from friday to carry through to fridays all time highs and the closing some conflicts....for me the main plan is that 88.75
revising plan and will sell above 90
coming all out on runners at off school so short day for me........hope all do well from that pprevious all time high up to 90 88.75 - 90 may be a big magnet today
nice work bruce, congrats