Hi guys,

i have just came across the Gann Square of 9 calculator and not too sure of how to use it. Can anyone enlighten as to how to predict price projections for support and resistance based on the current closing price of futures. Im trading the Crude Palm Oil Contracts here in Asia.

Gann used this calculator to square price with time. I.e. when price moved off a low to the amount on the calculator that also matched the amount of points it moved up. Price was said to be squared. ex. The low on the S&P emini on feb 2 of 1966 and 17days later (cardinal point on the sq of nine) also coincided with a cardinal point of 175 points. Avery nice pull back of over 30 points happened in the next 10 trading days.
He also used the calculator for calendar days. but In my research trading days are better for usindex. and calendar days better for markets like wheat, corn, soybean oil ect ect.
Damn I have not used the sq of nine in years, but this stuff is awesome. But check this neat trick out. Take a high on the ES lets say the high at 11 a.m. on 4\07 of 2082 get its square root and subtract .146 which is half the distance of the cardinal point to the horizontal level and then multiple that by itself (sqroot of 2082=45.6289-.146=45.482 then take 45.482and multiple it by itself 45.482x45.482 and that's 2068) and that was a nice bottom provided you had a large enough stop and can read price action. I hope this makes since im a trader and not much of a teacher, but I love sq of nine.