ES Tuesday 4-14-15

Bands for the day. Good luck to all.

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nearest greenies are 74.5 and 98.5 on either side. the O/N low was also a swing high/low from Thursday 4/9 so if that gives away then the 74.5 it is. right now the odds look better for 74.5 since we are closer to it but will see how RTH opens up
+5 O/N (level)

+5 RTH (level)

Yard work awaits, good luck to all
If this thing is going to bounce and print at the O/N H... right here, 83.50 (=Open) is a prime place for it to start. a failure to bounce would say pay attention to O/N L and maybe Naked POC at 77.00.

What's it going to do... I don't know, and I might be finished for the day. I am not really bearish, the decline from 90 was on low volume...
in my observation, the drives out of range, or into range are the most explosive. again today we saw that the market paused at YD's low (85 level), tried really hard to go into YD's range but failed and then simply collapsed. i had a limit order sitting there to short it, the market got to it but no fill and then collapse happened. once more, good observation but poor execution. i can almost hear Bruce shouting at me to go Market order. hopefully i will learn soon enough. these trades tend to be quick and profitable