ES Monday 7-13-15

Big gap up today so far on Greece news. On the profile I see that there is a gap between 83.25 and 86.25 so look out for that filling out.
We blew past a greenie at 77.5 so that could likely provide support.
The next greenie up is way there at 95.25

The big question for the day is if we close the gap on open or if we gap and go.

On the upside 93.5 to 94.5 is a zone with a lot of previous action so look out for that if we do close that previously mentioned gap from 83.25 to 86.25 and if we blow through O/N high.
Multiple day balance area high is 83.25 so do we look above it and go or fail? Thanks to shadowtrader for reminding me to look at the multiple day balance area if needed
holding above 83.25 so far and there is no indication of a gap fill as well..
got to the 2.5 pitbull and seeing some retreat now.... the battle is on
if we continue to move up, look out for that 93.5 to 94.5 zone
the market looking a little tentative but not much downwards action means things are still looking good for a bullish move. if we make new lows, then look for a gap close but so far everything points up
Glad to see your posting NewKid, its good from a trading plan perspective keeps you focused.

I'm just visiting not trading.

I think you should change your posting name because your not the NewKid anymore...

Ha. thanks sharks. i agree that it helps me focus to just "think out aloud" by typing here... i am not sure how many people read it or even how many find it useful at all but just something that helps me so i do it.

good to see you around as well..
the market is still coiling increasing the chance of a large late day move