ES Friday 8-21-15

new kid your charts are missed by me don't know about anybody else..hope things r ok
hey duck, sorry running late today and i have some mental fatigue setting in so was unable to wake up early enough to get the posts in. i live in the mountain time zone so the RTH open is 7:30 am local time and i am almost always scrambling in the morning. thanks for the concern
Some common sense about feedback

As humans, if we do something for someone else it's difficult for us to know if that's giving value to the other person. The only way that we know is if we get feedback.

duck's comment above, for example, is awesome. It's telling NewKid how much he appreciates what NewKid is doing.

Not only do we need feedback but we need it at regular intervals to remind ourselves that we're on/off track.

For the first 24 hours after a post is made on the forum it is only visible to people that are logged in. This is done so that everyone is able to vote on a post. If you're logged in then you can click the thumbs up/down icon next to the post. Think very carefully before you click the down thumb.

I suggest that you give NewKid (and anybody else) regular feedback if you find value in what they say/do. Here are some of the ways that you can do that.
  • Click the Google +1 button (top right) of the topic.
  • Click the Facebook Like button (top right) of the topic.
  • Click the up thumb on any posts that you like.
  • At the end of each day, let people know how they helped you. A simple "thanks for all the comments today everyone" goes a long way.

There's a lot more karma in trading than you think
NewKid's daily work is a must reading. Well presented, most important points (the greenies) are given, and great guidance for the most part of the trading day. For me it is a like a roadmap. Many thanks !
thank you everyone. i do agree with DT that getting feedback helps me know that I am helping at least one person out there. I was not sure whether anyone saw value in my postings or not, so this is good to know. thank you again.
count me in on that and bruce are the bomb newkid ............