ES view from global to local 29 SEP 2015

Hi folks
Below I show my view of ES. Firsttly global view of the weekly time frame.
As you can see a large volumes accumulated on level 2095 from which we have fallen. The first level of support in 1925 had worked out. Next support zone 1790-1875 could be rebound in the following weeks. Unlikely sharp downward movement, as there is a high probability of purchases in each significant level. But the price may go down slowly under the influence of macroeconomic indicators. The trend globally changed direction in mid-August. And now we are in a downtrend. Sales from these levels is too late. It is necessary to wait for the return of prices to the levels of 1925-1995 and look for points of sale.
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es week

On the daily time frame also has a downtrand. But there is also a rebout from the local level 1864-1877. If the price be fixed at this level you can buy having the goal 1919-1939. Significant volumes below 1849 cancel the purchase.

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es day

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range bar

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On the 60 min time frame we can narrow down the area of buying. In this case it is the area 1871-1873,5. Stop loss can be placed below 1865. This is a risky deal. And of course there is a possibility that the price will be even lower. But the situation can take a chance to get 50 points in the loss 6. Also today, Tuesday - the day of buying))

You must understand that this is just my opinion on the betting market movements. It may help you. But the final decision to take to you personally and you will carry him responsible.
Also, please forgive me for some mistakes. English is not my native language. But I am very pleased to communicate with you to improve my English skills and trade skills.
Successful trading!

Let's do an analysis yesterday. As I predicted the price returned to the level of 1871-1873. Since tried several times to increase. First buying was done in 8.55 on the growing five-minute bar.
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5 min es

But as they say before the trip should be planted all passengers to ride was comfortable. And the price is back. We got a stop-loss at the level of 1866. The minimum five-minute bar.
Second buying was done in 14:55 also on the growing 5-min. bar. The second attempt was successful.
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sec es

Now you can put a stop loss at the level of the purchase. Targets for release in 1904 and 1919.
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new 1 h es

In the long term trend is still downward. Because there is a possibility of return to the lower levels.

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new 1d es