I'm kinda having some fun posting in this area, so I'll do one more. Look, all that stuff out there, that's done now. We all know no one in here cares about my methodology, and I'm fine with that. And no one cares about all that other stuff any more. If you are reading this, you must find some of what I say interesting. It may not help you with your trading (but who knows), but maybe you find some of it interesting from a life philosophy standpoint. Those that take a KISS approach to trading will likely find my post below just nonsense. I think, though, a few will find it interesting, and those are the few I write things like this for.

In case it isn't utterly clear by now, I am a very, very different kind of person. That's reflected in the trading methodology I've developed. All I am trying to do in the recent trading posts is point out some of the ways I think. Maybe that's interesting. Most will just laugh, and that's fine. But if I can reach a few, give them something that stays with them, I am happy with that. If you think I'm just too goofy, you can read other stuff, it won't hurt my feelings.

Here's a post I made a little while ago. As you can see on my charts page, I have a specific saying I came up with, and repeat in certain context. It goes: "As it is written, so shall it be. It's not me, it's the tools." One reader made a comment on what he thought the Pound might be about to do, and it unfolded. I quoted that post with my saying. Since my mind has been wrapped up lately in how people outside my area think, I pondered how this post might sound to them. So, I wrote the following. When I looked it over I thought it was interesting enough to post. That post was then quoted by a different reader, and I put that below. It really gets to the point I was making.

"That's what always bemuses me, those that think I'm cocky, or arrogant (very confident, absolutely, cocky or arrogant, heck, no), they take something like this wrong. Written word has its limitations. I get really jazzed at all this stuff I've discovered.

Now, look at this statement, as many people may hear it:

I can't believe all these fundamental market principles I discovered!

Now try to see it this way:

I can't believe all these fundamental market principles I discovered!

They see the emphasis on the 'I', and the emphasis is on that I am most amazed not on what I did, but that this stuff has been revealed, that it exists, that we in here have the privilege of being in the select handful the universe decided to unveil itself to in this manner. All my emphasis, for me, is in being grateful I was 'chosen' to see all this, not on how great 'I' am for discovering it. Yeah, it's all about me, I'm the big hero. That's why I chose to share all this, because it's all about me. Hence the last post "As it is written, so shall it be. It's not me, it's the tools." One of us writes what the universe reveals to us, it comes to pass, all we are is the messenger. It's not us, it's what the tools we have been given allow us to see.

"In building a statue, a sculptor doesn't keep adding clay to his subject. Actually, he keeps chiselling away at the inessentials until the truth of its creation is revealed without obstructions." -Bruce Lee

I can't get over how much it seems I think like Bruce Lee. Holy cow."

A newer Reader-

"I enjoy your enthusiastic gratitude! I'm excited and I can only see a fraction of the order going on here.
I once watched an interview with the musician John Denver and the interviewer asked him about "his" music and how he created it etc, he said "it isn't mine, it is a gift" he adamantly refused to take ownership of it; but rather he was only serving the "gift" by sharing it with others."

I read a reply like that and I realize I am getting through. I believe I am helping that person on their journey to find their 'inner trader'. Sure, you need tools, skills, but you also need what's inside you, you need to find that. Otherwise it would be like teaching only the combat skills, the fighting skills, in martial arts, and not anything else. That seems like a disservice to me.