RE Chart Types ES Fri 7/8/16

Nice bit here. Thks.
I've been trading ES since 2001. My success rate has decreased over the last 3 years. I attribute it to the HFTs and Algos.
Ben trying out using volume charts.
I've had some decent results using the 5K and 25K volume charts during the US session.
Would appreciate comments / ideas regarding:
Volume settings (both for a small and longer time frame) for the US, Asian and Eurozone sessions.
Switchig setting going into the NY session is tricky. Not sure what time to make the change,
Ideas. Thanks
While I do not know your style, laying blame may be part of the problem. HFT or algos create a trading range everyday where profits are available. Maybe applying Bayesian reasoning to your approach will shed light on this area of your life, ... or maybe finesse ATR for a different perspective.
Ridiculous useless reply. Thanks for nothing