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ES 7-20-16

2162 - 64 is key volume area I am watching today and should be the area that decides if the overnight high or low will be broken.....we have had two days that stayed inside Fridays Range for the most part so perhaps we may see some trend today and a breakout or breakdown. I think today will be a better day to use the OR breakout plans.

Besides the Overnight high up at 67 I will also be using YD high and the 55 - 57 area to trade from / to...tight ranges once again lead to tight numbers.....sure wish this would expand to create better opportunities. Good luck far we are trading inside Last weeks range and 85 % of the time we will break a weekly high or low So I am expecting a push above 64 if we open under that this morning !
there big mike target hit with OR method
also midpoint test
coming out heavy at YD highs after breakdown from OR low...I mention for those new to OR trades...will try to hold to see if I can get runner to 57 but we may just pop back up into the the 64 again
most interesting thing for me today was watching how once we got over the OR high we couldn't get back under the OR low and should be on our way to break Overnight high....nuff said ... c ya tomorrow
one last thing...If last weeks all session high can do some magic we should fill in low time at 65.50....either way that 65.50 is an interesting place on the chart and should fill in...
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