ES 8-9-16

I think we will be able to use the OR trade to get an overnight high or low...I'd prefer to go for the high as I have a key number at 75.75 that may cause some trouble if we come out the low of the OR first but we should try anyway.....we are currently trading above that number at 77.25. ...the basic idea behind OR trades I think would be to risk 1.5 points on each try per trade unless the OR is smaller than that and eventually get a plus or minus 4 number.........we can also target and scale out at key numbers and key swings/ probabilities I have mentioned before in these threads
the idea behind taking something off at key swings or other targets is that it helps if you need to stop and reverse in order to EVENTUALLY get a plus and/or minus 4 or else just use the OR as a filter to target your key numbers and forget the plus /minus 4....or just use Big Mikes 2 point idea !! Lots of applications with the OR range
81.25 is plus 4 which seems so far away in this volatility
I'm all done at 80.50,,,I figure a plus 3.25 is ok and my kids 10th birthday is today and we are running out to have some fun...good luck to all...hope u see the plus 4
Nicely done, Bruce. Enjoy the kid's birthday!