ES 08-24-16

there was no over night mid point test yesterday..looks like there be one today at 84.25..the numbers i got are 88..90-91..down 83-84..80-81..78..75-76..what i will be doing is OR trade..seeing what new way i can mess it
anybody have anything to say??
small range today 83.25 82.50..short 82.25 stop at 83.50 reveral to long
Hi duck,
This month has been a terrible month as the range has contracted and the volume has been very low. I think this is typical of August. Very hard to trade in this type of market. I think September will go back to more "normal" volume and a more expanded range. I think after Labor Day perhaps we can trade with more confidence in our setups. I appreciate your sharing. (I have not done anything worth sharing-mostly observing). Good Luck to you.
Best Regards,