ES 8-30-16

No midpoint test YD . it looks like that will be the target even if it doesn't offer us much here now as the On range is so small. I expect trade back to the open print today so I will be fading moves away from the open especially if we push out one the overnight ranges. They usually do not open and drive two days in a row and often on the second day they initially give the illusion that it will happen watch for that..79.50 to 80 is the magnet price... I'd prefer to see a price drop down first in order to target that.

OR trades should EVENTUALLY work well but keep in mind that pushes away from the open should return to the open initially ....unlike yesterday.....OR traders should use the OR range to target an Overnight extreme and try as often as needed....76.50 and that 75.25 area will be keys on downside pushes if they come...we had an inside day yesterday so we should not see another inside day today...keep that in mind if trying hold for further with OR as a filter

a reaction at 72.25 ( if we get down there ) will let you know if it will be yesterdays low that breaks.......a weak pop up off that should see price roll back down over and eventually take out the low of yesterday

I know this sounds like double talk but I plan to do both today.....take breaks of the OR but also look for fades at extremes of ranges for that open print return
still no plus or minus 4 ....see YD for an official pitbull trade some goes 2.5 points then sell opening low...hoping for the minus 4
there - 4 ..yesterday we get beat up today we take it back plus..dam it hard to hold onto a winner..
yes...that is the way this style of trading goes.....I always trade heavier after a "bad" day....I always ASSume the next day will cooperate
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there - 4 ..yesterday we get beat up today we take it back plus..dam it hard to hold onto a winner..