ES 9-2-16

Key numbers on upside will be 74 and 76 - 77 and lots of numbers very close by on goes into more and a key volume concept..getting and HOLDING above 82 will be what the bulls would want to see today otherwise we will drift back towards 67 - 69 especially if that 74 can't work any magic...OR trades should work well EVENTUALLY today for longer targets...personally I think an OR trader should try to go to see if they can get the 82 or the 67 - 69 zone on runners today
No video below? Try this link: For_friday.swf

meant to say will they test 74.50 or 82 in RTH if we open in between ? Those are pivot numbers and one will print if we open in between...I think the 74.50 will retest and am trading for that from pushes above it by at least 1.25 points or more
an open at 78 puts the plus or minus 4 hitting the 82 R2 level or the 74 at the R1 level.....I'm leaning short but will watch OR closely
I sold the OR low and was so confident and lost...then reversed to long to go get that 82 hunting shorts for 79.50 retest from 83.50 and will also try from 86.75 if it prints...tougher day for OR traders then I thought and surprised the 74.50 doesn't seem to be in play yet...not gonna be stupid ...especially on a will try small and will not be adding in
a quick vid as to why I added the 83.50 and the 86.75 into my numbers and reason for targets at 81.50 and 79.50.....not sure it's gonna work but here are the areas...sure wish this was a better high right now but in low volatility the charts leave many poor highs and lows...gotta beat that r2 level now or else us faders are in trouble again
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coming out heavy to make the day a bit more positive at the 81.25 and measly runners will try for the 79.75...other then that I have nothing else to do.....hope all enjoy the weekend and sure wish the numbers played out a bit easier on this employment friday
ok...flat on all but one contract at target....will try to hold last contract for that damn 74.50....and have a hard stop in at 82.75 now....I don't mind giving up points here in order to try for a bigger run on this last contract....nuff said....that is it for me.....some days you need to be "the pitbull" and keep at was one of those days and luckily it all happened in 45 minutes of trading.............
well, I came back and neither has happened for my runner so moved hard stop down to OR high plus one tic....that would put us above the open, and the low time good a place for a stop as any I guess