ES Monday 9-12-16

Keep in mind that we should print either 2130 or 2102.50 in day session and also the fact that we failed to test the overnight midpoint on I am leaning to get that are main levels and numbers I am watching - see video ..if something changes before RTH opens I will edit this post ...hopefully some of my areas will match up with areas you have created for yourself
No video below? Try this link: Monday_9-12-16.swf

part 2 video is merely justifying some lines that were created in Fridays session and in the overnight

No video below? Try this link: part_2.swf

added a video to above post to show where some lines come from - back in june and july are the swings some will be watching
since second one minute bar was an inside bar I took the break out of it's high...trying to stay short from 20 area....will post a video later...not the greatest high though so this short may not work
stopped out as I finished making this....will look to long side now again to target 25 - 27 zone and if lucky the 30 number
No video below? Try this link: entires.swf

all buyers will want 2117.50 to hold now in order to eventually get back up into the 2130
probs filled so far

overnight H or low break

previous days range test

only big ones left are the Pivot test or the S1 !!!
I'm flat and done at 28.50 today....I'll let someone else go for to pivot.......good luck if u stay and play
gap in data at 29.25 BruceM hands controls to wife to take the set it and forget it trade from contract ...needs to stay above 23.50 now