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pivots tradestation

i recently started using pivots for trading for the es i use regular market hours i.e. 830-1515 cst my pivots are caulated by hte floor trader pivot program on trade station and the pivots match the daily notes all is good

now the ym is a major problem with pivots the ym trades from 1815-1600 cst the next day (that is also the time frame that is used to cal. pivots on this site)the problem on my tradestation software the pivots come up for the new trading day at midnight on the 24 hour chart they don't start when the session starts at 1815 cst if i go to a daily charts using regular session hours my pivots match this site so the problem is with my intraday charts showing incorrect pivots due to overnight highs and lows. i have tried customizing the hours but no help pivots don'tdon't match

do you know what hours or pivots floor traders use the $10 dow is pit traded from 720am -1515cst all others are elec. tradered

thanks for the help in advance i hope i made myself clear looking forward being here
My suggestion would be to use Excel like suggested in this article:
How to back test pivots to back test the different time frames and work out which ones give you the levels to trade off - or try and find someone who has already tested the different pivots on the YM - unfortunately I haven't done this yet...

Good luck and let us know if you find anything.
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