ES 09-27-16

no over night midpoint test yesterday..hope OR breaks in that direction..on half is 43.62
a quick after the fact vid...thanks Duck for getting that midpoint idea out there before the market opened
No video below? Try this link: late_then_never.swf

forgot to mention that the r1 today was 47 so we have hit three pivot numbers so far and nice reactions at the r1 and s1
value is building higher so far today but until we get back above 43 - 44 and start holding this market is at the mercy of those who want to scalp inside the range....a dangerous place to play........when I was trading for longer periods of time I was always concerned when we were stuck inside the IB and the value area of the previous day.......just a terrible place to initiate trades in my opinion......
no thank you for all the post you did to drill this idea out there..also with the OR too...Mike and you have been a great help this year..
closing out yesterdays calls at 1.39....bought them for 1.14.......these had only 4 days to expire and we are very close to the 53 - 54 target as per ES