looking to diversify

Hello all....
I am not a Trader, however, I am looking for proven, experienced Traders to trade my account.
I am invested in Forex, but would like to diversify my investments

Please contact me to discuss further details
I suggest that if you wish to broaden your knowledge and have the best partner in trading, look for one who is dedicated to giving wide variations of currency pairs and assets. In addition, you can work efficiently with its advanced technological tools.
i suggest diversifying with an option selling portfolio on a diverse class of assets....... go optionsellers.com and investigate or get their book...I have no connection to them
You should invest to PAMM, it meets all your needs.
Yes, the forex market is the diverse medium related to the investments. I would like to assure you that you will get the full chances for the results in the form of profit on the Forex market but you have to work carefully and with full confidence. Thank you!