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MP Bonds Mar 23rd

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Why don't you want to view Wednesday as a normal variation to the upside and Thursday as a normal variation to the downside (like Tuesday)?

This isn't a criticism but I'm trying to understand why you would combine Wednesday and Thursday and not Tuesday?
cos the market did not extend on Wed and filled in the minus development of Tuesday thereby giving the idea that the week was unfolding as a normal week . So Wednesday trade then ended in DEF of Thursday. The extension in the late part of the day turned out to be B/S and was in fact a bear trap. Now this latter piece of info we know after the fact of course whereas what was unfolding before had a probability factor that was hard to ignore.
also the bear trap was highlighted on the chart as a non trend. The nature of non trend is suck it and see go with the new emerging market direction and that was given in advance but again with the hindsight of afterwards then the move on Friday should not really have surprised anyone
That makes sense - thanks Ally.
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