Beware of Right Line Trading and Mark K Sachs-My Experience with His Firm

Be very careful doing business with Right Line Trading, RLT owned by Mark Sachs. They gave the following guarantee which is from their ad copy; "To demonstrate our confidence in the system we are now offering the WEBINAR SPECIAL PACKAGE with a two week, no questions asked, money back guarantee" "We take all the risk and we are 100% confident that you will take all the profit."
I only signed up because of the guarantee. If their trading software worked and even made $50 a day, great. If not I got my money back. The cost of their software was $1699. Their technician set it up on my computer and their server sends the trades to automatically run on my computer. The software is called Transition Zone and it lost money so I requested my money back. Interesting enough was that his website showed large profits. Since all the trades were coming from their server my results should have mirrored theirs. The owner, Mark Sachs refused to return my money. When I continued to press him for a refund he said quote "If you complain to any organization or demand a refund from Visa I will refer this matter to my attorney to prosecute you to the fullest extent of the law". In summary a simple no strings attached guarantee was given. The software wasn't profitable as he claimed. Mark Sachs would not return my money and he threatened to sue if I went to any authorities or agencies. Its up to you to determine if this is the type of person or company you wish to do business with. It is important that traders share experiences, good or bad, about vendors so you can avoid the many software vendors that scam traders and support the few vendors that don't.
Several traders later told me that he was altering his posted results to show a gain even though he had suffered big losses. They had subscribed to his trading room, saw him take large losses and then later post gains. I had noticed the same thing. They also told me that he had been a medical doctor and gotten busted running a "pill mill". He lost his medical license. I managed to find the 15 page lawsuit from the State of Florida and it was true. The link is the CBS affiliate in Miami talking about it.
Right Line Trading is sending out emails nearly everyday. If you get one please be careful doing business with this company. This is a quote from an email of his last Thursday after I went to VISA and the Better Business Bureau for the Miami area.

"I am making you a special project of this company.

After you lose the law suit I am going to garnish your wages, your car and your furniture.

I will teach you that you cannot interfere, slander and libel a business because you did not get a refund you are not entitled to. We do not roll over in the face of clear-cut written letters of extortion.

See you in court.


Mark Sachs

]What a guy and definitely a PR genius.
Thanks for warning, Mark.