Where is everyone?

I am forced to post this on several threads in the hopes that there is actually a real trader out there that can give me some insight into what is going on.

I was once a premium member here.
I've just gotten back into trading, but refuse to use PayPal and am concerned at the lack of response from any type of support.
Is this site, which used to be a huge source of info to me, on it's way out?

I'm getting the same indifference and unresponsiveness from TradeTheNews.com... what's going on?

Anyone else having issues or is it just me?

Please advise

Hank Dean
Hey Barefoot - the site is still healthy and operational and has plenty of premium members using the the site for the premium service.

The forums have an ebb and flow. Right now they are extremely quiet. Sometimes there's lots of activity.

Sorry to hear that you are unable to use PayPal. We find that this is the best option because of the amount of protection that it gives to our members. It means that we don't need to manage or handle credit cards and instead we can leave that to the experts: PayPal.

I can help with any support questions you have.