ES 5-12-17

shorting in the 90 - 91 area in Overnight with 88 as a target....will edit with a video of key areas

video edit :
No video below? Try this link: friday.swf

final short for me is off at 87 as we pushed to that ledge....I think we may see buyers possibly step in here so I will hunt a SMALL long....we know if we are wrong then down to the 2384 it will go most small buys near 86 area to retarget the 88 area may be a good plan
I have a small long but due to a bad fill I need higher then 88 to make it worth revising upper target to 89.75
target hit and will leave one runner on for 2391........this is last campaign of the's Friday !!!!
some final quick comments and the 88 dividing line
No video below? Try this link: finale.swf