ES 5-24-17

dangerous trading environment due to small ranges and low volatility..fomc minutes today is what I see and some comments from yesterdays question
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2400 - 2401 is my first sell area today...and keeping it SMALL !!
2398 is first target if they will give it
ok here are two videos I was just before bell and one was while I took the short and my thinking..first expands on the bell curve concept and those poor intraday lows...second just babbles about thought process on the short idea
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midpoint and close targets are met so all is well !!!
trying to hold one contract now to see if we can get to the other side of Yd's balance so down near 2395.25 would be cool just in case they try to make us suffer...back to the open print will stop me out of this campaign and then will be ok by me.....If this is an open and drive down then the last thing I would want to see is price back outside yd's highs and todays open again.......not much volume so this could just chop for all I know but we'll see
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95 % of the time we hit one of the weekly floor trader numbers......we haven't hit any yet and the R1 is 2406.50 and the pivot is we are stuck in between. I mention it in case YOU get a good signal then you might want to try and hold for one of these longer term probabilities !