ES 6-1-17

Bruce not in da house?

I guess Bruce's signature trade would be looking for a O/N midpoint test.
He would probably be looking to short 2416.50 (R1) and taking profit at 2413.50 (O/N midpoint).

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What do we have so far:
- Small gap open
- Gap quickly closed
- Value building higher
- Very narrow range 2417.50 - 2412.75
As per Dalton: a narrow base can be easily knocked over just like a narrow based lamp.
- Value still higher
- Potential double distribution
- Potential one-time-framing higher

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one time
- Per Dalton:
Recognizing a one-time-framing mode:
(1) can keep a trader from fading a market at inopportune prices
(2) while also enabling a trader to employ the most appropriate strategic and tactical plan for current market conditions

I hope people were able to detect the potential one-time-framing higher mode.

Good day, everyone.
we need more tpo's put in at 2417.50 and 2420.50 so I expect retests but it may not happen until tomorrow when I am back in action...thanks for keeping it real today Aladin !!