ES Tuesday 7-18-17

Today we are looking at possible support at 49.50 - 51.50...I think the only thing I am doing will be covering calls sold on Friday. Yesterday was a low range inside days so be careful of valid breakouts to the downside especially. That is my way of saying to be careful about buying support in general today. We still have weekly floor trader probabilities that come in at ether 2442.50 or way up at 2475

key numbers

2460 - 2461



2449 - 2451.50 - getting and holding inside gets us inside the bell curve from Friday

this chart is yesterdays session against the weekly points we talked about in Yd's thread
Click image for original size
here is the fill on calls covered...( u can see what I sold them for in Fridays thread late day)and will look for very small longs down in our lower zone now...preferably near the 49.50...but keeping it all small
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Ideal test point on longs would be 2454 if lucky...really want this to stay above Overnight low
flat on all at 53.25...this was small and I am out of ammo even though I think the official test of 54 is still coming
the bread and butter trade example today, stealing from Dr. Brett and other babble
No video below? Try this link: bread_and_butter.swf