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Indicator values change at the end of day

A recent support question which requires a full and public answer.
I've noticed that sometimes the DeltaT buy/sell bars on the 20T chart might change from when i observe them during the day to when i print the chart at the close. For instance, a single sell bar that might have been there during the day does not show later, or a single buy/sell bar might change to 2 bars. Are you able to suggest what might be causing this?

This usually happens when either the indicator or the data on the chart is reloaded and happens because of how eSignal handles the data.

When you are watching the chart develop in real time then all (or almost all in the case of time based charts) the trades come into the chart and are collected and used by the indicators. This applies to all indicators not just T1/DeltaT.

So the indicators and signals are calculated on a tick by tick basis. If there are 500 ticks (trades) in a five minute period then the indicator is recalculated 500 times during this period.

If, however, you load (or reload) the indicator at the end of the day, eSignal sends only summary information to the indicator on a bar by bar (candle by candle) basis. So for each bar, the indicator will be told what the open, high, low, and closing price was and the total volume for the bar. It (the indicator) will not have access to the intrabar information that was available to it during real time.

To test this theory try the following. Leave an indicator running during the day without reloading it and then open a new chart window and load the same indicator. They will probably be slightly different. Now reload the indicator that has been running all day and it will probably now look like the indicator that you loaded later.

So, in summary, different data is being fed to the indicator at the end of day (or when it is reloaded) than when it is running in real time.

Let me know if that answers the question...
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