ES FRIDAY 8-4-17

1/2 standard deviation this week is ten points which hasn't even been met yet. Here is weekly unfolding. Small range and nice bell so traders will be on the lookout for breakouts from the bell curve and employment is at 8:30. 10 points added to last fridays close will get us either up to 2480 or down to 2460 today- if the breakout happens...notice how all this week is still inside last weeks range and the bell shape. Our old friend 2470 is at the center...that is also weekly pivot
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I'll update with video for those interested after the report

video edit : Due to what happened at overnight high and the volume I need to now use the following zones...74 - 75, 2477 ( probably our big number as overnight high is here and the R2 today) and then I would wait until 2480.50 - 2482.......ANY short trades fro me will be using 2472 as a first target if they play nice today and we get sells off the 74 - 75...sells above that 2477 will use the 74 - 75 as a target and sells at 80.50 - 82 will use 2477 as a target..........keep that weekly bell curve in mind, u don't want to get stuck on a friday on a real breakout.....for me that means being more cautious and trading a bit lighter if I find a fade signal....
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added video ramble to above post
midpoint comes in at 72.25 so If you are on the short I would use that as target instead of the settlement at 72 even....keep in mind that opening one minute bar so far has biggest volume so that doesn't usually go well for just a straight drop down or rally up....I'm selling 75.50 now....with expectation that we may need to in the data at 73.75 should get filled's just a matter of WHEN
my plan will be to be more aggressive if the push out Overnight highs
don't try this at home
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scaling heavy at 74.75....and then at gap in data......with any luck my final runner will be able to go get 72.75....revised up from 72.25
here is the concept one more time considering it worked so well....damn..if u think it's easy to do that video and trade well then try it....LOL....
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and here is a fun one...nothing like seeing a band in their prime really enjoying the the Doug Fieger looks out into the crowd as if he is in honor of my heart skipping while making that video.... .

...if u have time listen to "Good girls Don't" ( they don't edit out the REAL lyric like they do on the radio ) see if you can hear what I mean.... and of course "My sharona" from this show......a very underrated band
for those who would have wanted to trade more here is a classic.....notice how we dropped down through yesterdays RTH high with barely a reaction in general we would be expecting a retest back we hit down into the center of the weekly bell ( that 2470 area) and popped back up...for the retest....just pointing it out ...I didn't take the trade's just about 11 a.m.....I'm trying an experiment today and seeing if I can clean and reuse pool filter cartridges with a pressure if only I can get the pressure washer's only been sitting with gas in it for 5 years....lets see if my results can match what youtube this should be least my 11 year old will have fun doing it

enjoy the weekend
Great week of vids Bruce, volume spikes, options talk, thanks!!!!
Have and be safe in the 802.