ES Wednesday 8-9-17

the initial areas I am watching...making a second video to deal with one minute volume from yesterday..i wouldn't get too bearish yet...keep one minute volume in mind today from first minute especially
No video below? Try this link: wednesday.swf

part two and volume spikes as areas for the future
No video below? Try this link: wednesday_part_2.swf

If I had to boil down the numbers to single numbers it would be these

remember overnight inventory is 100% short so expecting some correction up to possible overnight midpoint may be the wise play ...I'm not shorting down here
I bought small the opening range low with expectation we will come out the highs of the OR
scaling heavy at midpoint and we are near our 67 number now...probably only day trade of the day for 11th birthday is wife goes overboard
no new high volume so this has the potential to return to the OR high......and if that is to happen it should happen off the 66 - 67.50 area in the data at 62.25 and this is a two sided day so far.....I think the only two areas to try for that would be off of the 67.50 or the 71 area
and how could we let today go by without this.....what a great musician......not only a session man ( for Elvis too) but a great singer and check out that finger pickin.

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