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ToolPack problems

I'm having a few issues getting the tools setup. Apart from the one-liners on the website, is there a document describing how to set up the different components?

The documentation is somewhat sparse on some of the tools. By describing what each parameter does is usually sufficient. What we try and do is encourage Q&A in the forum which allows us to isolate repeated questions and provide more documentation for the areas which require more explanation. Feel free to ask as many questions as you want about any aspect and I (or someone) will attempt to give you the best possible answers.
Today I tried to switch my chart to daily bars from 5 min, it hung for a while and then said I was not authorised to used the pivot tool.

Each time an indicator loads (which happens when you switch time frame or symbol) it checks that you are authorized to use it against a server (in this case If the server is down or for some reason your computer can’t communicate with the server through your ISP then it will state “not authorized”. This is usually a temporary problem and you will find that sometimes you can reload the indicator instantly or at the worst in a minute or two and it will work again. If the “not authorized” message doesn’t disappear within a couple of minutes then open a browser and see if the web site is available – hit Ctrl-F5 when on the web site to force a hard refresh. If the web site is down then that is why the indicator cannot authorize and you will have to wait for the web site to become available again. The web site is hosted by one of the largest and most reliable web hosting companies in North America ( and so the up-time is usually very good.