ES TUESDAY 9-19-17

Not much today...I will try to use 2502 - 2503 as a longs for me unless I like what I see under overnight low and YD's VA low but a big concern on that idea is that we need to put in more tpo's at last weeks highs and have yet to drop 4 points below the current weekly is video babble....floor trader numbers are no better then teh ranges of YD's day session
No video below? Try this link: vid1.swf

starting small shorts at 05 in will be 2503...keeping it small and prefer to look for fades up higher...I have to end early today so need to be on the road by 10:15
revising target to midpoint of O/N 03.25
spx cash should target 2509.50 or 2497.50 ...I'm giving the 86% probability a little bit of room to be wrong 03.75 - 2505 on cash for clues as we push down to it from above
that's me done at the midpoint of yesterdays day session...flat and no more trades...everyone will need to decide which range will get broken from here....will it be yesterdays low or Yd's highs..? i don't know and don't have time to find out
I rolled my 249's to next weeks expiry for a .68 credit just before I left this morning far total credits brought in for this is $1.15...........I'm looking to eventually sell this out for about .94 which would be about half of the original credit brought in as per tasty trade guidelines ..original trade was opened at a 43 cent credit
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