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ES Wednesday 10-11-17

I have some other commitments this week that will keep my postings down.....with the FOMC minute coming we could define an OR range as the 5 minutes leading up to the 2 pm announcement and use the same basic ideas as the OR trades........for me that would be using the high and low from 1:54 - 1:59 and put buy and sell stops on either side of that range. I would not want to include the trading that happens on the 2pm bar as that is when report hits.....I would want to be taken into the market as the news is announced and the market moves beyond the defined range ....and naturally be ready to stop and reverse...usually the range dries up a bit just before the news so using a 5 minute total time frame will not be a very big range.....the only revision I would make is I would use the opening of the 2 pm bar and look for two points off that ...then the plus or minus 4 number...

This is untested and has not been put through the years of review that the standard opening range trades have !! I can't see any reason why this would work over time.
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