10/13/2017 Fri

Nobody traded the OR breakout on CL and ES today?

Still looking for more complicated trades to take?
ya mike us humans like to do that. make things more complicated than they are..myself is prime example of that..i had trouble at the start trading the OR last november and december..Than in Jan and feb i made it work good.than mar and april i put the peddle to to the floor with it..by the end of april i thought i was trading god.Even had vision sitting on the beach with cowboy hat on and cigar in one hand and mouse in the other..lol..took my 9k ran it to 38k in that time period.i guess by now you know how this story ends..over the course of the next 3 months i wipe myself out. got 1k in account now.. i am still shock how i trade those months.80% of those trades didnt even use the OR method..now that bruce and you have bring this back into the threads..i am so tempting to reload the account and start again for the 23rd time.