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ES Wednesday 10-25-17

how I see it and I even kept it under 4 carefully today as yesterday was the inside day...basic theory is we will either go tag 2557 or go back to 2567....with 62 - 64 as the filter zone....
No video below? Try this link: Wednesday.swf

Welcome back Bruce. Thanks a lot for all the efforts. I will be reading your post diligently again. Thanks again
big mike vix
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cash is at it's 1/2 sd band and it's s2 level at a price of 2562 but be mindful of the inside bar concept if you are trying to fade and get long......I would keep it lighter just in case breakdown players show up today....If looking to get long I would wait and see if we can start consolidating back above 2562 on the ES ...that is where all the volume is and is now key number...if we can't retake that then in theory they should be pushing for the 2557 ...and if they can reclaim the 2562 then we still have a chance for the 2567 to print !
this just goes over using a 5 minute OR range....less wipsaws in general , bigger profits but also bigger losses when it this is just reviewing the past 20 days and it might work better for some
No video below? Try this link: five_minute_or.swf

Thanks...I need to check my yahoo email more often sorry for not replying...I have to catch up with a few still.......
Originally posted by Padmaja

Welcome back Bruce. Thanks a lot for all the efforts. I will be reading your post diligently again. Thanks again
big Mike...u may want to review this episode.....we can't assume they know it all but this is one of their studies with the Vix FWIW...

and u may want to look at this one too...just some ideas
going forward it seems like 2552 - 2554 has all the volume now......c ya tomorrow
Thanks Bruce.

We KNOW vol will spike, we just don't know when and that makes it very hard to trade vol expansion. The ETFs have a ton of drag and futures may not be long enough without rolling once or twice, not really my thing.

Just keep pecking away until vol spikes>20 and then I know what to do to handle the contraction.

CL OR was smooth again today.
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