ES Wednesday 12-13-17

For March I see 69 - 71 as the magnet Overnight and Wednesdays trade...I'd also be watching 63 - 64 closely

Video EDIT at 9 am Wednesday...yesterday the "P"
profile so buyers maybe showing some signs of tiring this week.....fed today too !

No video below? Try this link: wednesday.swf

a quick recap.....certainly not perfect but OR traders made it look easy....
No video below? Try this link: recap.swf

they ended up playing well although a bit late...I only made good money on calls sold day trades had very little profit ( 7.25 points total on 3 campaigns which is on the low end for 3 tries)..... hope u did well...... and those following the OR trades for the last 2 months should realize how well those trades did over the last two months....I use the October 4th thread as a benchmark but have not kept an accurate tally
73 - 75 is volume area to watch as we head into days end .....