ES 1-25-18

key bracket for Thursdays Overnight and Fridays trade I am watching is 36 - 38 and 46 - could easily snap a line at the center of this too !!!
cool example today of how a bell curve can work some days...basically a failure at one bell curve edge will target the center of the bell curve and if that gives way they will run it all the way to the other basically if we drop DOWN to a bell curve from above we have four scenarios

1) we hit upper edge and it becomes support

2) We hit upper edge and support fails and we go to the middle where we can often find next support and then bounce up to target upper edge

3) We fail at the middle too and then can look for price to drop to lower edge ( this happened today) ...often at the lower edge you can find support and bounce up to target the middle again....

4) We blow through all areas - this happens when we have an increase in volume or some event that makes all buyers clear out of the way for sellers to take over....that hasn't happened today so far as I type

Reverse these ideas if we approach a bell curve from below and price is trying to trade UP into it.....

just some basic ideas and review of key bell curve concepts.........old stuff to most !!!