ES 2-1-18

I'm keeping this simple for Wednesdays overnight and Thursdays day session....I have 29 - 30 , 34 - 35 and then 39 - usual we can revise once we get more overnight data flowing in to confirm some of these areas.
2830 seems to be the key price we will need to watch now in early pre market trade
13.50 and 20.50 is the closest volume I see as attractors now with this drop
I've seen this happen every once and a while over the years....the market just likes 5 point ranges off key RAT numbers....for example we could have good numbers to use just by snapping lines at 5 point numbers off 2820, 2815, 2810 on downside.....2825, 2830, 3835, 2840 etc on upside....certainly not perfect but interesting