ES 3-7-18

so far in the overnight we have 96 - 98 as a volume area....they other day we defined 98 - 2700 as a volume spot so the 2698 seems to be the common denominator.....we also should be watching the volume that is forming at 2705 -'s a long way off till the day session but these will do for now

edit 9:16 a.m...I'm revising my 05 - 06 to 03.50 - 05 due to that huge volume that came in there.....big volume specifically at the 03.50
opening range traders hit the opens right at our key volume number, drops down to a key psychological number ( 2700) and then it's off to go take out the overnight high and further.......going forward this market will really need to stay up above the 2709 - 2710 area if bulls are to have a chance today....otherwise it's back to our 2703 and probably down to the 2698 and lower
Bruce good to see your post. Me i kill myself once again and once again i funded the i thought i try different market..i thought i give cl o\r try. today was my 1st day back and had rough ride. great way to start again.

Are you still doing O\R on the emin or cl? big mike how you doing on the o\r ?

i know one thing for sure that going to change this time around..thats no more sitting in front of the screen all day..That why i am doing the o\r .i figure the most would be about hour.

again good to see your post and hope things are good